About Us

GPSTracker247 is an independent GPS tech reviewer, bringing unbiased and transparent information about GPS trackers to our readers.

These days, GPS tech has become an invariable part of our lives. And why not? GPS has practically made life easier and stress-free. Whether it is to reach someplace safely, train a new driver, reach someone critically ill, and manage time, GPS trackers have constantly proved themselves to be indispensable.

But as it always has been, with increasing demand, the commercial market for GPS trackers has also been thriving. As a customer, you have a cornucopia of GPS trackers in your hands. Once you have clearly defined what you want from your GPS tracker, you will find numerous vendors that can cater to your requirements in your budget. As interesting as that sounds, it can be equally confusing. Too many choices are never good. 

 GPS tracker 24/7 is what you need to solve this dilemma. To make choosing a GPS tracker for your needs convenient, our team personally and thoroughly checks various GPS trackers available in the market. Once we have done enough research and tested them, we offer our unbiased and fair opinion on these devices.

 How do we do it?

If you have searched online for a GPS tracker, you know very well just the sheer number of these devices and features available in the market. So our first step is – YOU! We talk to people who have a GPS tracking device or have thought of buying one. We make a note of why they need one and what kind of device they want. We also do a deep study into the economy of it. Once we have established definitive parameters, we look for devices that match the criterion. 

Now, we could easily pick up any top 10 GPS tracking devices and solutions from the web and give them to you. However, we like to be fair. There are several vendors with new and innovative GPS tech that can help you better than the big and well-known brands. OUR LOYALTY IS TO YOU.  

So, our second step is to choose the devices and use them ourselves. We go through the product manual and vendor tutorials. We also talk to customer support, carry out installation, and use the device. Yes, we leave no stone unturned. 

Then comes the last step. After having used the device for 1-2 months, we are ready to assess its worth. And in doing so, we remain completely transparent of – the device cost, tracking solution, subscription plan, customer support, installation, coverage, location updates, reports, alerts and notifications, and other add-on services. 

Now you know that when it comes to a GPS tracker, you can trust our word. We are dedicated to our work because we know how much is at stake for you. We work with consumers to guide them in getting a GPS solution that meets their needs.