Best Golf Cart GPS Trackers- Are Golf Cart GPS Worth It?

A golf cart is one of the most expensive assets one can own. But most people are unaware of the rising crimes associated with it. 

Generally, people park their cart, grab a club or tee and start trying their shots. They often forget to turn it off and take the keys with them. Thieves are taking advantage of it and taking the carts with them.

The trend is going upward with the increase in the use of golf carts for various purposes and beyond golf courses. According to a report, around 30,000 golf carts are missing every year. The stressing point is that statistics are not going down any time soon, but it is increasing drastically. 

So whether you own a golf cart or manage a golf course, you need a GPS tracker to protect your valuable asset. 

Golf Cart Tracker- How Do They Work?

Golf tracking trackers are small and compact-sized GPS devices. The main aim is to protect your expensive golf cart from prying eyes. They help you to keep tabs on your asset in real time from anywhere. 

A golf GPS tracker provides an accurate location of your assets and their subsequent movements. So you will not have to struggle to locate your golf cart on 100-200 acres of the golf course. 

The global positioning system consists of 27 satellites that orbit the earth. The satellite sends signals back at 12 hour of intervals. The GPS trackers have receivers that receive them and use them to determine the accurate location of the user. It uses signals from three or four satellites to find the exact location. 

Types Of Golf Cart GPS Tracker

You can find two different types of options in the market:

  • Hardwired GPS tracker
  • Portable GPS tracker

Hardwired GPS trackers are attached to the wires and are hard to attach or remove. You will need professional help to do so. 

On the other hand, portable GPS trackers are easy to install and ready to go. They come with an in-built magnet or magnetic case for installation. You can attach them anywhere and enjoy real-time tracking. 

You can choose any of these to protect your golf cart. 

Who Needs A Golf Cart GPS Tracker?

Golf Cart Owner

Golf carts are expensive assets. They cost you thousands of dollars, and you won’t want anyone to take them away just like that.

GPS trackers are the best ways to mitigate the risks of getting your cart stolen. You can buy a small and easy-to-attach device to get real-time updates. You can get an instant alert if someone tries to move the cart without your permission.

Also, if the thief still steals your cart, you can always retrieve it.

Golf Course Manager 

You need a golf cart GPS tracker if you are a golf course manager. Every day, you have to rent your asset to a stranger and then worry about its whereabouts the whole day till they return it. It is a stressful routine, and you already have much to do. Breakthrough such a vicious cycle by employing a GPS tracker to your resort. 

By installing a GPS tracker, you can always know the whereabouts of the golf cart. Additionally, you can use the geofence feature to ensure no customer goes beyond the restricted boundaries. 

There are several other benefits too:

  • Ensure the customer’s well-being and send urgent help when needed by knowing their exact location. 
  • You can also know when to refuel or recharge your golf cart. 
  • It can help you with the maintenance of the golf cart. 

Other Uses

Initially, golf carts were only used on golf courses by players, but now the uses have diversified. People use it for various purposes, such as on farms, college campuses, off-road vacation properties, gardening, etc. 

You can use several benefits of the GPS tracker to protect your golf cart from potential theft, improve its health, faster recovery in case of theft, know the whereabouts of the cart, etc. 

Benefits Of Golf Cart GPS Tracker 

Quickly Locate Your Golf Cart

Golf courses are usually 100-200 acres big. And when you get busy with your game, you can’t take the golf cart with you. You have to park it somewhere and focus on your shot. But if you need to know the whereabouts of the cart, you can trace your path back. Why? Because it is too tiring and hectic. 

In such a situation, a GPS tracker comes handy. It can help you to know the cart’s whereabouts, so you don’t have to panic or trace the whole course to get it back. 

Similarly, a golf course can always know where its customers are and enjoy their peace of mind.  

Protect Your Asset From Theft

You can adopt several measures to protect your golf cart from theft. But no one is as efficient as a GPS tracker. 

A GPS tracker provides real-time location updates, instant alerts, geofence, and features to maximize safety. If unfortunately, your cart gets stolen, you can always track them down with the live updates.  


Another significant benefit of a golf cart GPS tracker is safety. 

You can always ensure the safety of your loved ones or customers when they are on a golf cart. It will send you an instant notification if they try to exceed the speed limit or drive roughly. In this way, you can correct their driving behavior and ensure their safety.

Also, if they are hurt and need immediate assistance, you can send it by knowing their exact location.


A golf cart GPS tracker also helps you in invoicing the bill. You can get accurate information about cart usage and charge your customer accordingly. 


Golf carts also assist you with scheduled preventive maintenance. You can detect issues before they become huge and cost you bucks. 

It is a relevant feature, especially if you own a fleet of golf carts. Rather than memorizing the dates, you can get real-time alerts with the GPS tracker. Also, you can ensure that the vehicle is ready to use before a trip and safe after the trip.  

Easy navigation 

GPS tracker also helps you with easy navigation throughout the golf course. 

Refill or recharge time

You can also know when you have to refuel the golf cart is to be refueled or recharged. Low fuel or battery alerts come in handy, and you can return to the management before it runs out of gas and stops abruptly. 

Locate other players 

You can locate other players on the golf course to play with them. Or track the progress of your friends with whom you are playing.

7 Best Golf Cart GPS Tracker 


Family1st Portable Golf Cart GPS Tracker

Best Golf Cart GPS Trackers

Family1st portable GPS tracker is an affordable GPS device that can help you maximize the safety of your golf cart. You can own this device by paying $24.95 and a monthly subscription fee of $21.95. 

It offers the lowest monthly subscription fees in the market owing to the advanced features. It also doesn’t bind you in a contract or charge hidden fees.

Family1st offers sturdy & high-quality hardware that will not leave your side even in the roughest course. It is also waterproof & weatherproof; hence you can leave it with the golf cart under the open sky in any weather without any problem. 

Another feature of Family1st is geofencing. You can drop fences over the map to determine the area where your customers can take the cart. If they try to go beyond the limit, you will receive instant alerts, and you can call them back. 

Other features are decent battery life, faster network connectivity, easy installation, a user-centric platform, Smart alerts, etc. 

At A Glance

Price: $24.95

Monthly subscription fees: $21.95

Battery life: 2 Weeks Active Battery Life (6 Months Sleep Mode)

Connectivity: 4G cellular network

Coverage: All over North America

Waterproof: Yes


LandAirSea 54 GPS Golf Cart GPS Tracker

Best Golf Cart GPS Trackers

Another reliable GPS tracker on our list is the LandAirSea 54 GPS tracker. It is a compact & round-shaped device with an in-built magnet so you can attach it anywhere and enjoy real-time tracking.

LandAirSea 54 GPS tracker is a good option for discreet tracking. You can choose the coveted tracking mode to switch off the light and hide it somewhere in the cart. 

It is a 100% waterproof device, so you won’t have to worry about parking the cart in the open sky. Also, if you use your golf cart near swimming pool facilities, you can do that without worrying about the safety of the tracker. 

Another significant advantage of the LandAirSea 54 GPS tracker is its long battery life. So if your cart gets stolen, you can track the buggy and retrieve it fast.  

At A Glance

Price: $29.95

Monthly subscription fees: $19.95

Battery life: 2 Weeks Active Battery Life

Connectivity: 4G GPS Tracker


Waterproof: Yes


Trak 4G GPS Tracker 

Best Golf Cart GPS Trackers

You don’t want it to disappear or misplace when you have paid so much to own this asset. Trak 4G GPS tracker can help you protect your golf cart from potential theft and alert you to every trouble. 

It is an affordable GPS tracker that you can own by paying $48.80 and a monthly subscription of $6.99. It is a cost-effective way to track your expensive assets. 

It is a study and durable device and comes with housing so you can accompany it with you without worrying about leveling the ground. You can also use it anywhere and then any climatic condition. 

It also has a great battery life on a single charge and can last up to 80 days. So you won’t have to worry about constantly charging the device again and again. It also implies that it won’t run out of power suddenly when the cart is away. 

At A Glance

Price: $48.80

Monthly subscription fees: $6.99

Battery life: 2 weeks Active Battery Life

Connectivity: 4G GPS tracker 




GPS & Track Golf Cart GPS Tracker

GPS Car Tracker. Real Time Tracking. No Monthly Fees - No Contracts

GPS & track golf cart tracker is the best way to monitor your Golf cards with the exact location and history reports. If you don’t want to go through the chaos of paying monthly fees and want to make a one-time investment, then this is the right option for you. 

GPS and track Golf card GPS tracker do not charge you monthly fees or contract, so you have to pay $119 to own the device. And with it, you can enjoy two years of free service. After that, you will have to pay a nominal fee to continue the service. 

It is a waterproof device &uses 4G capabilities to provide accurate location information. It runs off the power of the golf cart, but it also has backup energy to work if the vehicle’s power runs out.

Another feature of the GPS & track golf cart GPS tracker is geofence. It allows you to set a perimeter over the map where your customers can take the card. You can receive real-time updates if they try to go beyond the set boundaries. 

Another feature is speed alerts. So if your customer is driving the cart recklessly or if someone is towing it, you can receive real-time information with accurate location updates. 

At A Glance

Price: $119

Monthly subscription fees: enjoy two years of free initial service 

Battery life: derives power from the cart 

Connectivity: 4G connectivity 




Monimoto Golf Cart GPS Tracker

Golf Cart GPS Tracking Device - Monimoto US

Monimoto GPS tracker is an easy-to-install device that can help you to keep tabs on your golf cart in real time. It is a reliable option if you want to prevent theft or unauthorized usage.

It is easy to set up, and you don’t have to be involved with any wiring. All you need is to hide the tracker, configure the app, and you are ready to use it. It has a water-resistant casing, which allows you to use the device in any season without worrying about its safety. 

The best part of this GPS tracker is that it has a 2x AA battery that can keep your tracker operational for 12 months. Yes, so you will have enough time to retrieve your stolen card.

Other notable features are compact size, unauthorized movement alerts, long-distance GPS tracking, etc.

At A Glance

Price: $199

Monthly subscription fees: $4

Battery life: 12 months

Connectivity: 4G


Waterproof: Yes


Americaloc GL300W Mini Portable Real-time GPS tracker

Americaloc GL300 Mini

Another portable GPS device on our list is the Americaloc GL300W Mini Portable Real-time GPS tracker. That can last up to 14 days with 1-minute reporting. You can also lower the frequency to 30, 20, or 10 seconds for faster location updates.

It will not only help you to get the real-time location but also will help you to detect events such as motion, stop, speeding, low battery, entering or leaving preset zones, etc. 

It also allows you to draw and configure circular and complex zones. You can set up 200 such fences without missing anything and getting updates on every movement. 

Another highlight of this product is that you don’t have to sign any contract with the vendor, which means you are free to subscribe or unsubscribe from the plan of your own will. You can also replace or refund the device within 30 days if you are unsatisfied with it. 

At A Glance

Price: $109.90

Monthly subscription fees: $25

Battery life: 2 weeks Active Battery Life

Connectivity: 4G GPS Tracker


Waterproof: Yes


Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker

Optimus 2.0 Portable GPS Tracker for Cars, Trucks, People... - Battery | Optimus

Another powerful tracker that is good for discrete tracking is Optimus 2.0 GPS tracker. It is a small device, not more than three inches; hence you can hide it anywhere, and it won’t attract much attention.

It has a good battery life that can last up to 2 weeks with a 1-minute update. You can customize the frequency report according to your need to increase the battery life. 

It has an SOS button that allows your customers or loved ones to call for help in an emergency. It also has an excellent motion sensor that will update you when any unexpected motion is detected. So you can know if someone is trying to move the cart without your permission. 

At A Glance

Price: $39.95

Monthly subscription fees: $19.95

Battery life: 2 Weeks Active Battery Life

Connectivity: 4G GPS Tracker


Waterproof: Yes

Factors To Consider While Choosing A Golf Cart GPS Tracker


You have already spent thousands of dollars on your Golf cart, and now you will not want to spend another sum of money on securing it. And therefore, you should look for an affordable GPS tracker. 

Not just the hardware, but also check the subscription plans. You can also look for if the vendor charges any hidden charges in the name of activation or deactivation fees. 

It is always best to choose a vendor that offers a cost-effective tracker with the lowest monthly subscription fees and no hidden charges.  

Portable GPS tracker

A portable GPS tracker is easy to install and hide. You can attach them anywhere in the golf cart and enjoy real-time tracking. 

You can also choose a magnetic GPS with an in-built magnet or a magnetic case. You can attach it to a metallic surface and enjoy discreet and real-time tracking. 

Sturdy device

The golf course is uneven ground filled with bumpy rides. The unevenness of the field increases the chances of wasting your investment. Therefore, look for a sturdy device built with high-quality materials. 


If you run a golf cart rental business, you will not want to intrude on your customer’s privacy. You will want them to enjoy their freedom but do not want someone to steal your valuable asset. So you will have to choose between the two? Of course, not. 

With a portable GPS tracker like Family1st, you can attach the device and enjoy discreet tracking in the golf cart.

Stable connectivity

Look for a GPS tracker with stable internet connectivity to receive continuous and fast location updates. 


Another feature for the safety of your golf cart is geofencing. It can help you to receive alerts when it crosses the predestined boundaries over the map. 

Smart Alerts 

If someone tries to move your golf cart, you should be able to receive real-time alerts, to take faster actions. In such a situation, Alerts come handy. So look for the same in your GPS tracker. 

Battery Life

What if someone takes your golf cart? What will you do? If you have a GPS tracker, you can use the mobile application to track real-time location updates. But what if the battery drains out? You will not be able to reach your valuable asset. 

It is a disaster, and you can avoid it by choosing a GPS tracker with good battery backup. 

How To Attach The GPS Tracker To Your Golf Cart?

The installation of the GPS tracker depends on the type of device you own. 

For instance, if you have a hardwired tracker, you will need professional assistance. And if you have a portable one, mount or attach the device. 


Golf carts are a valuable asset one can own. You have to adopt various measures to protect them from theft. 

You can follow several protective measures to protect your vehicle:

  • Parking the carts in the garage.
  • Set up a security alarm system. 
  • Use high-quality locks such as immobilizer locks. 
  • You can lock on the steering wheels.

These preventive measures can help you prevent theft. But only a GPS tracker can help you to maximize your safety. Even if someone steals your cart, you can trace them and retrieve it back. 

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