What Is GPS & How It Works? Everything You Need To Know

How GPS works

Have you heard of the Global Positioning System or GPS? It’s a robust tool that uses a network of satellites to help us navigate and track time, speed, and location – all over the world! You can find GPS capabilities in watches, smartphones, and cars. It’s super helpful for getting from one place to another. … Read more

History of GPS – A Complete Overview

History of GPS

Ever since humans started moving, there has been a constant need for maps and navigational devices. One such navigational device is GPS. GPS, or Global Positioning Device, is a navigational device that, with the help of satellites, helps you determine your precise location, speed, and time anywhere on the Earth.  The GPS is made up … Read more

Top Trends In GPS Tracking You Must Check Out In 2023

Trends In GPS Tracking

GPS trackers are becoming increasingly significant in our daily life. Its usage is so common in our routine that sometimes we don’t even realize we are using this technology. Take this for an example – you have ordered food from an online delivery app. And now you’re monitoring the location using the information available on … Read more

Benefits Of GPS Tracking Devices For Your Family

Benefits of GPS tracking Devices

Almost everything is now made simpler by technology. It has undoubtedly made it more convenient by delivering us with a wide range of dependable and useful gadgets that we can use to benefit our families and friends. GPS tracker devices are among the best inventions.  If you are looking for the Benefits Of GPS Tracking … Read more

Applications Of GPS Tracking – How Can You Use GPS Tracking Devices?

A Guide On GPS Devices

Since its introduction, Global Positioning System-GPS has become an integral part of our everyday lives and transformed it beyond imagination. The initial idea behind these trackers was to be used by the armed forces for accurately pointing out locations globally. The vision was transformed into a pathbreaking technology by the U.S Department of Defense (DOD) … Read more

GPS Tracking Devices and Private Investigators – What Is Legal?

GPS Tracking Devices and Private Investigators

When we hear private investigator, we immediately draw an image of a slender figure with a hatted head. Or perhaps an older gentleman with a marvelous mustache and a walking stick. However, the work of private investigators might not be as glamorous as their fictional counterparts. They often have to get their hands dirty. And … Read more

Elderly Care And Safety – Caregiving With GPS Trackers and Monitors

Elderly Care And Safety

Naturally, our parents mean the world to us, and as they grow older, we begin to search for ways in which we can look after them in the best way. This desire is commonly experienced after the death of one parent leading to the other aging parent living alone. Life is so hectic sometimes that … Read more

A Guide On GPS Laws Of Different US States That Everyone Should Know

A Guide On GPS Laws Of Different US States That Everyone Should Know

Mindfulness is a valuable commodity. GPS tracking solutions can provide you with the peace of mind that you are tracking your fleet and are almost always ready to aid your operators. GPS trackers are now an essential part of everyone’s life since their introduction in 1983. You can monitor your dear ones or valuable items … Read more

Frequently Asked Questions About GPS Trackers

Frequently Asked Questions About GPS Trackers

The Global Positioning System (GPS) has become indispensable in today’s life. With its multitudinous uses, the GPS has routed in all aspects of human life with or without you knowing it. So what is GPS tracking? By now, you would know GPS stands for Global Positioning System. The system functions on a network of satellites, … Read more

Is It Legal to Use a GPS Device to Track Your Spouse?

GPS device to track your spouse

GPS has become an inseparable part of every individual’s life in today’s world. The utilities and benefits of GPS to industries like Health, Telecommunications, Education, Defence forces, and many others are invaluable. The civilian use of GPS integrated with smartphones has transformed lives in many ways. GPS devices are multi-purpose and used for tracking Cars, … Read more