5 Best GPS Trackers For Hiking In 2022

Under the warm sunlight, with the wind gushing through your face, you can find real happiness in nature only. Hiking can be a great way to exercise and enjoy your vacation. However, before you take your first step, you should do little planning. Why? Do you know around 2,000 hikers get lost on the trail in the US? And you probably do not want to be another one on the list. So while you are packing, make sure to add a GPS tracker to your bag. 

Why? Because with the help of the best GPS trackers for hiking, you can find your way out of the trails. And your family or friends can locate you in case of emergency. In this guide, we have listed different GPS devices for hiking in the market.  

Why do you need GPS Trackers For Hiking?

The use of GPS trackers has become quite common in the modern world. From logistics businesses to tracking your new teen driver, GPS devices serve different purposes. While you are on your adventure, following the sun may seem like an ideal approach but not a logical one. Why? Because the trees in the woods are high, you will not be able to see the sun. Moreover, you cannot solely rely on topographic maps and compasses to find your way out of the forest. 

GPS devices are a more rational and reliable option for safe hiking in the market. These systems make it easy for you to find a way and explore nature without any fear. So if you have a portable GPS tracker in your bag, you can make your trip more adventurous and fun. Additionally, a real-time GPS tracker can provide peace of mind to your family and loved ones as they can track you no matter where you are. And in case of emergency, they can send immediate help. In the same way, you can press the SOS button to call for assistance. 

GPS Tracker Vs. Smartphone- Which One Is The Best?

You can find two options in the market, GPS tracker and smartphone. Some people find it worthless to invest in a portable GPS device. And prefer smartphone GPS on their hike. But which one is the best? Let us discuss it in  the following section: 

Smartphones, at first glance, may seem like a worthy choice. Why? Because they are versatile tools that will serve you different functions apart from basic GPS, such as flashlight, camera, and enables two-way calls. On top of that, you will not have to invest any money as you probably own it already. 

On the other hand, GPS devices ask for initial investment. They use satellite-based navigation to provide you with location updates. GPS trackers are preferable to a smartphone. Why? As they have long battery life, SOS button, and are waterproof. Moreover, a GPS tracker will send you reliable location updates even when there is no cell phone network. 

To sum it up, we can say that you can only rely on a smartphone if you are going somewhere nearby, such as front country trails or camps. But you should choose a portable GPS tracker if you are hiking in mountains or forests. 

Importance Of GPS Trackers For Hiking

Still confused, whether to buy a GPS tracker or not? Here are some benefits of the GPS trackers:

Immediately Locate The Hikers

GPS trackers use a series of satellite networks to locate someone. It is also known as the trilateration technique. And therefore, no matter where you are or if there is any network, the GPS device will locate you and send reports. So even if somehow you lost your original part, you can discover a new one with the help of it. 

SOS Buttons

Some GPS trackers in the market come with the SOS button. These buttons are helpful in case of an emergency. You can press the button to receive help immediately. How?

As you press the SOS button, the tracker immediately sends and real-time allows it to the trusted contacts. And then they can send immediate help to you. 

Geofence Boundaries

If your child is hiking and you are worried for their safety, then a GPS tracker will come in handy for you. With the help of a geofencing feature, you can drop virtual boundaries to the predetermined path. As they cross it, you will immediately get an alert. And hence you can contact them to correct their way. 

Weather Forecasts

Nowadays, with the GPS tracker, you can know the weather of a place beforehand. It will help you to be prepared to face the situation. For instance, you can check if it will rain and take the necessary steps to enjoy the day. 

Gives Freedom

With the help of a GPS tracker, you can get closer to nature freely. You can wander freely, even in the deepest part of the forest, and explore its secrets. Sometimes doing something unplanned makes the whole hike more fun. Also, you will not have to fear remembering the path as the GPS tracker is doing its duty. 

How To Choose GPS Trackers For Hiking? 

Now that you are convinced to purchase a GPS tracker for your hiking trip. Here are the necessary factors to look at before you choose a perfect GPS device for yourself:

Size And Weight

Who will love extra baggage while hiking? And therefore, before you come up with any decision, you should always pay attention to the dimension of the product. An ideal GPS tracker for hiking should be small in size and lightweight.

Battery Life

Always look for a GPS tracker with good battery backup. 

Why? So that when you are in the forest, you can wander without any worry. On top of that, you will not have to find a charging outlet in the wilds. And as if your GPS tracker’s battery dies, you will be left alone by yourself. 


You cannot know what circumstances you may have to face during your hike. If a tracker falls in the puddle or you left the water bottle leaks, your investment will go in vain. And you will have to purchase a new one after finding your way back home. To avoid such sceneries, they should always choose a waterproof GPS tracker

Easy To Use

Also, look for a GPS tracker with a user-friendly interface. So that it is easy to use and anyone in your family can use it without any stress during hiking. 


There are several GPS trackers available in the market with different connectivity options. Some GPS devices use a 2G network, while others have 5G compatibility. Always go with a GPS tracker with faster connectivity, such as 4G or 5G. 

5 Best GPS Trackers For Hiking

Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is to list the best products in the market, and not review or rank them. All the products listed here have several unique features catering to a wide range of customer requirements.


Family1st Portable GPS Tracker

family1st GPS tracker: Best in personal gps trackers


Family1st portable GPS tracker is a small and compact GPS tracker that can track almost anything from anywhere. It is the most cost-effective device in the market and is feasible for all of us. You can purchase the hardware by paying $28.95. On top of that, it has a low monthly subscription charge of $19.95. You can enjoy several features at such nominal fees, such as an SOS button, geofence, Smart alerts, instant reports, and many more. 

Why Do We Recommend The Product?

Whether you or your family is hiking or any other adventurous activity, you can never go wrong with this product. It is no bigger than a D-size battery, and therefore, will not occupy much space in your backpack. You can set up this device by following three simple steps.

As the device has a decent battery life, you can keep on exploring the jungle without any fear of losing your way. It uses lightning-fast 4G connectivity, and therefore, can deliver accurate location updates anywhere in North America. You can purchase the device with a waterproof case and take it with you on any adventurous trip.

Product Highlights

  • Real-time GPS tracker
  • Pocketable size
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 14-days battery Life
  • 30-days money-back guarantee

Battery & Specs 

  • Size: 2.8” x 1.8” x 1.1”
  • Weight: 3.60 Oz
  • Battery: 2400 mAh Li-Polymer
  • Battery Type: Internal and Rechargeable
  • 2-weeks active battery life with 1-minute update
  • 6-months sleep mode battery life at one update per day

Amcrest GL300 GPS Tracker


Amcrest GL300 GPS tracker is a portable and compact GPS tracker that you can use to monitor vehicles, loved ones, and assets. It uses 4G connectivity to offer real-time location tracking. It can send you location updates for up to 5 seconds, and hence you can access them through a web portal or mobile application. 

The Amcrest GPS trackers offer different features to make your tracking experience smooth. For example, you can use the geofencing feature to drop virtual fences over the map. You will receive a real-time alert whenever the target passes by. You can purchase the device at $39.99 plus monthly subscription fees of $19.99. 

Why Do We Recommend The Product?

Amcrest GL300 is another affordable solution. You can choose the device for your outdoor adventures, let it be hiking, motorcycle travels, or trekking. It uses a 4G network, and therefore, you can get accurate location updates in the deep woods. You can lower the frequency rate to five seconds and hence stay assured that you are going on the right track. It has a pretty long battery that will last for two weeks and thus becomes ideal for hiking. 

Product Highlights

  • Compact size – smaller than a matchbox
  • Intelligent Battery Alerts
  • Motion and SOS Alarm
  • Weather-resistant
  • Supports up to 20 geofences

Battery & Specs 

  • Size: 3” x 1.5” x 1”
  • Weight: 3.52 Oz
  • Battery: Li-Polymer, 2600 mAh
  • Battery type: Internal and Rechargeable
  • 10-12 days active battery life for minutes updates
  • 2-weeks battery life on sleep mode (no activity)

Trak-4 GPS Tracker

Trak 4 gps Tracker


Trak-4 is another reliable GPS tracker on our list that you can take on your adventure. It is a simple GPS tracker that starts tracking within a few minutes out of the box. Installing the device is a matter of breeze. Moreover, it is easy to use and therefore anyone in your family members, be it your child, can use it. 

It is an affordable GPS tracker that you can own by paying $48.80. The company also charges monthly charges of $12.99 for hourly pings. The device has impressive battery life that can last up to 12 to 18 months on a single charge. Moreover, it is a durable and weatherproof device that you can use for any outdoor activity. 

Why Do We Recommend The Product?

Trak-4 is a durable device that you can take on your different journeys. The rugged device will deliver reliable location updates even in extreme weather conditions. The device has a giant battery life that can last up to 18 months on a single charge. So you won’t have to worry about the battery in the wild. 

Product Highlights

  • Location Sharing
  • Small and compact design
  • Weatherproof device

Battery & Specs 

  • Size: 2.5” x 1.75” x 1.25”
  • Weight:3oz
  • Battery: 4600 mAh
  • Battery type: Internal and Rechargeable
  • 2-weeks active battery life with one-minute updates
  • 18 months battery life with one update per day

LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker

Land Air Sea GPS Tracker


LandAirSea 54 GPS tracker is a mini waterproof GPS tracker. Owing to its ultra-compact design, it can easily fit in pockets, backpacks, purses, or cases. You can even enjoy discreet tracking with this small-sized device. The device uses 4G LTE plus satellite technology to deliver reliable and accurate location updates. 

It has an ultra-strong non-slip magnetic mount, and therefore, you can mount it on any metal surface without any tension. It also has a rechargeable battery that lasts two weeks with one-minute updates. You can even increase it by lowering the report frequency. 

Why Do We Recommend The Product?

LandAirSea 54 GPS tracker is 100% waterproof, and therefore you can rely on the device even on different weather conditions such as sunny, rainy, windy, or snowy days. It is a portable device that can easily fit into your backpack, and you won’t feel like you are carrying extra baggage with you. It offers worldwide coverage, so you can purchase it no matter where you are hiking. 

Product Highlights

  • Waterproof Device
  • Google Maps integration
  • Immediate Alerts and notifications
  • Versatile use

Battery & Specs 

  • Size: 2.25″ x 2.25″ x 0.8″
  • Weight: 8 Oz
  • Battery: Lithium-ion battery
  • Battery Type: Internal and Rechargeable
  • 3-weeks active battery life with 3-minute updates
  • 6-months battery life on Sleep mode

Geozilla GPS Tracker

GeoZilla GPS Tracker for ATVs


Geozilla GPS tracker is a portable GPS that can help you monitor your family or personal belongings. The device uses GPS and cell ID technology to deliver accurate location updates. You can view them on the Geozilla application. It is user-friendly, and therefore, you can easily navigate through the app to access its different features. 

It is a real-time GPS tracker and provides worldwide coverage. It allows you to create geofences and has an SOS button for emergencies. It has a decent battery life that lasts up to five days with one minute update. You can even lower the report frequency without any extra cost. You can purchase the device by paying $59.99. It also charges an additional $19.99 as monthly fees. 

Why Do We Recommend The Product?

Geozilla is a small and lightweight GPS tracker and comes with a range of accessories such as lanyards and attachment pouches. So you can either hang the GPS around your neck as an accessory or keep it in your backpack. It provides worldwide coverage. So no matter where you are hiking, you can use this GPS tracker. It also has an SOS button that you can press in case of emergency to call for help. Other notable features of this product are:- decent battery life, geofence feature, reliable location updates, etc. 

Product Highlights

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Blends with surroundings
  • User-friendly app
  • Affordable tracking services

Battery & Specs 

  • Size: 8″ x 1.6″ x 1″
  • Weight: 1.05 Oz
  • Battery: Li-ion 520mAh
  • Battery type: Internal and Rechargeable
  • 2-3 days active battery life for 1-minute updates
  • 6 days in sleep mode (no activity)

Final Words

I hope this guide helped you to find out a suitable alternative to GPS trackers for hiking. Do share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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