Why Do You Need These 7 Best GPS Trackers With Magnet For your car?

Quite often, people go back on the decision of buying a GPS tracker just because of the installation. They need a versatile portable tracker but do not want to go through the mess of installing and removing it and then going through the same process again for another car. 

However, GPS manufacturers have come up with a neat solution- Magnets. Yes. Inbuilt magnets or magnetic cases are much easier to use and install. Anyone can attach and de-attach it without professional help or going through a complicated process. 

But do they fall or lose their strength over time? No, the answer is straight no. Why? Because the companies use magnets with industrial strength. They will stay intact in their place, no matter how fast you drive or how rough the terrain is. 

So if you have more than one car or are looking for a versatile GPS tracker with easy installation, here in this article we can discuss 7 GPS Trackers With Magnet For Your Car.

Why Do You Need GPS Trackers with a magnet? 

Is it reasonable for one to wonder why they need to spend their fortunes on something? Therefore, let us start with some key reasons why GPS trackers with magnet are worth your penny.

Easy To Attach

GPS trackers with an inbuilt magnet or magnetic cases are easy to attach. It requires no complicated wiring process or any installation cost. You can place the unit anywhere in the car, and hence, it facilitates coveted tracking.


With the help of a magnetic case or in-built magnet, you can use the same device for various tracking purposes with convenience. For example, you can use the same device to track your spouse’s car on weekdays and your teen’s car on weekends. 

Decent Battery Life

Generally, GPS trackers with magnet come with decent battery backup. You can install the device on the car and enjoy real-time GPS tracking for one to two weeks. It varies according to the device you choose. 

Protect Your Car From Theft

It is probably one of the obvious benefits of the GPS tracker. It protects your vehicle from thefts. 

With the growing popularity and usage of the GPS tracker, someone else has also become aware of it- thieves. Yes, now thieves are also familiar with this technology, and therefore, they tend to look and search for the GPS tracker with the motive to remove it before making a car their prey. 

The magnetic GPS units can be attached anywhere on the metal surface and hence are easy to hide. So you can enjoy 24/7 GPS monitoring and protect your car or any other vehicle from any potential theft. 

7 GPS Trackers With Magnet For Your Car

Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is to LIST the best products in the market, and not to review or rank them. All the products listed here have several unique features catering to a wide range of customer requirements.

LandAirSea54 GPS Tracker

Land Air Sea GPS Tracker

LandAirSea GPS tracker is a powerful GPS tracker that can help you to monitor the movement of your loved one or asset with minimal effort. It comes with an in-built ultra-strong & non-slip magnetic mount that makes it easy to install it on your car or any other vehicle. It is 100% waterproof, so you can attach the device under the car or anywhere outside without any worry. 

The LandAirSea 54 GPS tracker is also easy to use and gives you 100% accessibility to customize the functionality according to your use. It is a compact and lightweight tracker and is easy to hide to enjoy discreet tracking. 

It has a decent battery backup, so you don’t have to worry about removing it frequently and charging it. You can attach the device to the car and expect to enjoy real-time GPS monitoring for at least two weeks with a one-minute update. 

Product Highlights

  • Ultra-compact design
  • Reliable tracking
  • Strong magnetic mount
  • Waterproof & Weatherproof

Tech Specifications

Dimensions 2.25*2.25*0.8 inches
Weight 4.8 ounces
Connectivity 4G LTE
Compatibility Full Global Coverage
Battery 1 Lithium-ion battery required
Warranty 1 year

 Pricing and Subscription

The device costs around $29.95 and the monthly subscription plan starts from $19.95 to as high as $49.95 per month.

Family1st Portable GPS Tracker

Family1st portable GPS tracker

Family1st portable GPS tracker is one of the most affordable and easy-to-use GPS trackers. You can install the device by following three simple steps- activate, login, and voila, start your tracking journey. The tracker comes with a separate magnetic case that keeps the device extra protected. You can remove the case whenever you want to use the tracker to track something other than a vehicle, to make it less bulky.  

With the help of its 4G compatibility, you can monitor the location of your loved ones or valuable possessions 24/7. It works effortlessly no matter where you are on the whole continent. 

You can purchase it with the magnetic cover to attach the device anywhere in your car with minimal effort. Additionally, you can even enjoy coveted tracking. Yes, the size and weight of the tracker make it ideal for discreet tailing. It has good battery life that can last up to six months to two weeks, depending on the frequency of updates. 

It comes with a dedicated application and web portal. You can use these tracking platforms to enjoy several features, for example, real-time tracking, geofencing, Alexa integration, and many more. They are user-friendly and can work on your mobile or tablet. 

Product Highlights

  • Track your assets, vehicle, family, or pets anytime
  • Works in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Cost-Effective GPS tracker for only $28.95
  • The lowest monthly subscription starts at only $19.95
  • GPS tracker integrated with Alexa

Tech Specifications

Dimensions 2.8*1.8*1.1 inches
Weight 3.60 ounces
Connectivity 4G LTE
Compatibility USA, Mexico, and Canada
Battery 2400 mAh Li-Polymer
Warranty Lifetime

Pricing and Subscription

The cost of one device is around $28.95 followed by a monthly subscription of $19.95.

SparkNano 7 Micro GPS Tracker

Spark Nano 7 Micro GPS tracker

Another reliable GPS tracker on our list is Spark Nano 7 Micro GPS tracker. With its super-fast 4G network, you can enjoy real-time GPS tracking across the USA and nearby countries. You can purchase the device with a magnetic waterproof case.

The housing protects the device and makes it ideal to use in rough conditions. You can even attach the case underneath the car for hidden tracking without any second thought. Why? Because it will protect the device from water and other weather conditions and hold it in its place intact. No matter how fast you drive or where you take the car. 

It is another affordable solution on our list that you can own by paying $39.95. And also, the additional monthly subscription fees start from $17.99. 

Product Highlights

  • Full 4G coverage over North America
  • Affordable subscription
  • Easy to install
  • Lifetime customer support
  • Real-time tracking

Tech Specifications

Dimensions 3*1.58*1 inches
Weight 3.3 ounces
Connectivity 4G LTE
Compatibility USA, Mexico, and Canada
Warranty Lifetime

Pricing and Subscription

The cost of the device is $24.95. And the monthly subscription fees start from $17.99. 

Amcrest GPS Tracker

Amcrest GPS GL300 GPS Tracker for cars

Amcrest GPS tracker is a real-time GPS tracker with 4G network compatibility. It is a virtual tile GPS tracker that you can use for various tracking purposes such as vehicles, loved ones, or assets. It comes with an IP65 magnetic waterproof case that facilitates easy installation. It also protects the device from moisture and corrosion and improves the lifeline of the tracker. 

It has a long-lasting battery that can last up to 14 days on a single charge. So you don’t have to worry about charging it frequently. It is a sleek and compact device, so you can also use the tracker for discrete tracking. 

You can monitor the real-time activity of the target through the desktop web portal or the smartphone app. It has an intuitive user interface, so you can easily monitor activity or access different features. 

Product Highlights

  • Versatile casing
  • Intuitive UI
  • Real-time tracking device
  • Geofencing
  • Longer battery life

Tech Specifications

Dimensions 3*1.5*1 inches
Weight 9.1 ounces
Connectivity 4G GPS  Tracker
Compatibility US, Canada, and Mexico
Battery 1 Lithium polymer battery
Warranty 1 year

Pricing and Subscription

The price of the device is around $52.99 and monthly subscription plans are:

  •   $19.99 for 60-second updates
  •   $24.99 for 30-second updates
  •   $29.99 for 15-second updates
  •   $34.99 for 5-second updates

Americaloc GL300 Mini GPS Tracker

Americaloc GL300 GPS Tracker

Americaloc GL300 is a small and portable GPS tracker that you can use for several purposes. It is a lightweight device and easy to carry or slip in a backpack pocket case or box to enjoy discrete tracking. You can buy it with a magnetic waterproof case to attach the device underneath the car. 

It has a long battery life that can last 14 days to 2 days, depending on the frequency of updates. It provides coverage all over North America. And if you need to go beyond, you can ask the customer care service, and they will ship a different sim at no additional cost. 

Other notable features of the tracker are- geo zones, email and text notifications, detailed reports, user-friendly maps, etc. 

Product Highlights

  • Track vehicles, assets, people, and many more
  • Easy to use
  • Geofencing,
  • Peace of Mind

Tech Specifications

Dimensions 2.7*1.5*0.92 inches
Weight 2.4 ounces
Connectivity 4G
Compatibility US, Canada, and Mexico
Battery 1 Lithium-ion battery
Warranty 1 year

 Pricing and Subscription

The price of the device is $109.90 and the Last, monthly subscription is around $25 per month and even less.

Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker

Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker Bundle

The Optimus 2.0 GPS tracker helps you keep an eye on everything that matters to you. You can monitor your loved one or possession far from you with ease with this tracker. You can buy this GPS tracker with a magnetic case for easy installation. 

The magnetic case is built-up of Neodymium magnets. They are known to be the strongest in the industry. So with a few more bucks, you can make your device more durable and water-resistant. 

You can view the tracking updates and other features with the help of the integrated mobile application or the web portal. They both are easy to use. 

The tracker is small, discrete, and accurate, with the dimensions of 3 inches tall and 1 inch thick, so you can easily hide the tracker in the car without telling anyone. 

The Optimus GPS tracker works seamlessly in the USA and Canada and protects your vehicle from potential thefts.

Product Highlights

  • No Contract, No hidden fees, and can cancel anytime
  • Hide and Track
  • Powerful and discrete tracking
  • Consistent Updates

Tech Specifications

Dimensions 1*1.5*3 inches
Weight 3.3 ounces
Connectivity 4G Cellular connectivity
Battery ‎1 Lithium Polymer battery required (2-week battery)
Warranty Lifetime
Coverage USA and Canada

 Pricing and Subscription

The average cost of an Optimus 2.0 portable GPS tracker device is $39.95. Also, the monthly charge is around $19.95 per month. 

 Tracki Mini GPS Tracker

Tracki mini gps tracker

The Tracki mini GPS tracker is the smallest and lightest GPS tracker on our list. It is a revolutionary gadget that combines 2G, 3G, and 4G networks to provide reliable and accurate coverage worldwide. Yes, you heard right. 

It is known to provide unlimited distance real-time tracking updates to its users. You can purchase the device with a magnetic case to protect the tracker from damage and make it waterproof. 

The housing also facilitates easy installation, and therefore, you can use the same device for various tracking purposes.

It has a different battery life that lasts up to 5 days, more or less depending on the frequency of updates. It comes with various attachments such as belt clips, magnet lanyard, and keychain two facilitate versatile use. 

Product Highlights

  • Product Highlights
  • Worldwide coverage
  • 5 years of historical data
  • Option for an extra bigger battery
  • Indoor and outdoor tracking supported

Tech Specifications

Dimensions 1.74*1.5*0.6  inches
Weight 1,26 ounces
Connectivity 4G LTE
Compatibility Worldwide
Warranty Lifetime

Pricing and Subscription

The device costs $28.88 and the monthly subscription starts from $19.95.

How To Properly Attach A Magnetic GPS Tracker?

Magnetic GPS trackers are powerful devices that can help you to monitor the moment of your loved ones and assets in real-time. But improper placements can often result in broken or lost devices. 

And you probably don’t want your investments to go in vain. Hence let us talk about how to place the magnetic GPS tracker properly. So that you don’t damage or lose it. 

Here are some simple steps you can follow to ensure the proper placement of your device:

You have to place the device on the flat metal surface, so choose a location where you want to attach it. 

Let us say that you want to attach the device to the underside of your car.

  • First of all, kneel and take a good look at the place. 
  • Attach the device to the flat surface on the metal. Avoid exhaust systems or fuel tanks. 
  • Test the strength of the magnet by pulling the device in all directions. 
  • If it does not fall, congratulations, you have learned to place the device correctly. 

Final Words

If you have any questions or queries related to the above devices or the placement of the magnetic GPS tracker, let us know in the comment section below.

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