Must Try 7 Best GPS Tracker Smartwatches for Elderly

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Old age is the golden age of anyone’s life. After working restlessly for years, they finally get the time to sit back and enjoy the rest of their life. While it should be filled with peace and happiness, there are several roadblocks in the way. 

Firstly, as people get older their body undergoes several changes. It becomes weak and unable to carry out its normal lifestyle as it can in its younger days. 

Secondly, several senior citizens are diagnosed with degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, etc. These diseases not only impact the patient’s lifestyle but everyone such as related to them. 

Luckily, you can find different types of tech appliances to improve the lifestyle of the elderly. GPS tracker smartwatches are one of those without which you can sit back. 

GPS tracker smartwatches for elderly are one of the best devices that allow caregivers to keep a check on their locations and assure their safety. It also provides independence to the elderly to carry out their lifestyle without any interruptions. 

The devices are designed to put the seniors’ safety at the utmost priority. And therefore, it offers various safety features, including emergency buttons, health metric tools, and automated live location to the caregivers. 

It comes in super handy for senior adults with health issues like dementia, Alzheimer’s, or health conditions that might make them prone to wander here and there. In addition, a GPS tracker can aid in providing peace of mind to the caregivers, knowing that they can immediately reach out to them if they wander or get lost in the city.

But this does not mean that your elderly have to carry enormous or obtrusive devices with them; in fact, the modern GPS tracking devices for elderly are discreet. These devices can be easily placed in the bag or even around the wrist, just like regular watches. With this assistance, one can save the life of their loved ones.

List Of The Top 7 GPS Tracker smartwatches For Elderly 

Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is to list the best GPS Tracker smartwatches For Elderly, and not review or rank them. All the products listed here have several unique features catering to a wide range of customer requirements.

For your assistance in finding the best GPS tracker smartwatches for elderly in the industry for aged loved ones, we have gathered the 7 Best GPS tracker smartwatches To Keep Your Elderly Safe which deliver effective and efficient results. Go through the blog to find out which is the most suitable appliance to cater to your needs. 


Theora Connect Smart Wearable

Theora Connect Smart Wearable

Buy from Theora

Theora Connect wearable is a multipurpose GPS tracker smartwatch for elderly. Along with the Theora smartphone app, it becomes a complete solution to solve remote monitoring and communication problems. It has a unique auto-answering feature known as Quick Connect that automatically connects the user to their loved ones or caretakers. 

Theora Connect is a flexible solution for senior citizens to live their life independently without anyone around. It sends you an immediate tax notification if they wander from their usual location. It also has an SOS button that connects the user to their primary family or caregiver. 

Product Specifications

  • Weight: not known
  • Watch Face: 1.25 inches
  • Band Length: 5.25- 7.75 inches
  • Band Width: not known
  • Battery Life: Up to 20 hours
  • Water Resistant: Yes
  • Cost: $248
  • Monthly Subscription: $30

ERAY GPS Tracker Watch

ERAY GPS Tracker Watch

The ERAY GPS tracker watch for is a special wristwatch with an integrated GPS tracking feature. It provides real-time and live location updates of the users to the caretakers. For effortless indoor and outdoor tracking, the watch is empowered with dual tech – LBS and GPS tracking. 

It has a voice call button and a two-way voice call function. Seniors can directly communicate with their caregivers or family members in an emergency. It has a decent battery life that can last up to 60 hours on a single charge. 

Product Specifications

  • Weight: 0.5 ounces
  • Watch Face: 1.4 inches
  • Band Length: 5.8-8.5 inches
  • Band Width: 0.55 inches 
  • Battery Life: Up to 60 hours
  • Water Resistant: Yes
  • Cost: $26.99
  • Monthly Subscription: $24.99

Bay Alarm Medical Alert Watch

Bay Alarm Medical Alert Watch

Buy from Bayalarm medical

Bay Alarm Medical alert watch is a modern and flexible option for the medical alert system. It is the SOS smartwatch with a pre-installed 4G LTE sim card. It gives your parents complete independence to enjoy their time, whether in their home or on their outdoor trips. It has a crystal clear touch screen and simple functionality so anyone can use it without difficulty. 

It has a dedicated SOS button that immediately connects you to the company’s medical dispatchers. It is a text for every modern-day smartwatch that your loved one will find stylish and comfortable to wear. 

Product Specifications

  • Weight: 2 Ounces
  • Watch Face: 1.25 inches
  • Band Length: 5.25-7.25 inches
  • Band Width: 0.875 inches
  • Battery Life: Up to 18-24 hours
  • Water Resistant: Yes
  • Cost: $179
  • Monthly Subscription: $29.95

Medical Guardian MG Move

Medical Guardian MG Move

Buy from Medical Guardian  Buy from Ebay

Medical guardian MG move is a wearable medical alert system with advanced features. It gives you the freedom to feel safe and connected no matter where you go. The company has dedicated and highly trained agents that are available 24/7 to respond to your needs. 

It has an emergency SOS button that you can press in case of an emergency. You cannot only enjoy real-time location tracking with this smartwatch but also can organize your day in advance. You can even set and track your health goals and measure weekly progress. 

Product Specifications

  • Weight: 2 Ounces
  • Watch Face: 1.25 inches
  • Band Length: 5-7 inches
  • Band Width: 0.875 inches 
  • Battery Life: Up to 24 hours
  • Water Resistant: Yes
  • Cost: $199.95
  • Monthly Subscription: $39.95

Lively Wearable 2

Lively Wearable2 Mobile Medical Alert Plus Fitness Tracker

Buy from Lively Wearable2 Buy from Amazon

Lively wearable 2 is a wearable option for the medical alert system. It is sleek and stylish that you can wear as a watch on your wrist or as a lanyard like a necklace. It is water-resistant so you can even take it to the shower. It is a super handy feature as most accidents often happen on the slippery bathroom floor. As soon as the device detects a fall, it will immediately send help and contact your loved ones. 

Lively wearable 2 has a decent battery life that can last up to 4 months with effortlessly real-time tracking. You can even use this watch as a fitness watch to track your health goals. 

Product Specifications

  • Weight: 7.4 ounces
  • Watch Face:
  • Band Length:
  • Band Width:
  • Battery Life: Up to 4 months
  • Water Resistant: Yes
  • Cost: $49.99
  • Monthly Subscription: $19.99

WellBe Medical Alert Plus 

WellBe Medical Alert Plus smart device

Buy from Wellbe Buy from Amazon Buy from Ebay

WellBe Medical Alert Plus smart device has several features that make it an excellent choice for the safety of senior adults. It has a medical alert system that ensures the users use their smartphone devices to connect to their loved ones or emergency response agents in case of an emergency. 

The smartwatch can also help you monitor your health and achieve a healthy lifestyle. It has an in-built heart rate monitor and pedometer. 

So you can monitor your heartbeat all day along and know how your body reacts to different exercises. The pedometer will help you to track your daily steps count. 

Need immediate help? Talk to the WellBe. The company offers you a virtual health assistant to solve your health-related queries. They also send reminders to help you to stay on time for medications. 

Product Specifications

  • Weight: 8.11 Ounces
  • Watch Face: 1.82 inches
  • Band Length: 7-9 inches
  • Band Width: 0.70
  • Battery Life: 24 hours
  • Water Resistant: Yes
  • Cost: $119.95
  • Monthly Subscription: $29.95

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6

Buy from Apple Buy from Amazon

It is a very powerful smartwatch that offers the advanced capabilities of your iPhone on the wrist. Moreover, it is one such gadget that you can connect to a cellular plan. In simple words, it can make calls or text, use navigation and get access to Siri – even if one does not have their mobile phone with them.

The key features are more than just monitoring health or tracking the person’s location. It allows the users to monitor their health stats in real-time, especially while working out. The only issue with the watch is that it is only for iOS users.

Product Specifications

  • Weight: 1.2 Ounces
  • Watch Face: 1.7 inches
  • Band Length: 5-7 inches
  • Band Width:1.4 inches
  • Battery Life: Up to 18 hours
  • Water Resistant: Yes
  • Cost: $399
  • Monthly Subscription: $9.99

Factors To Consider While Purchasing GPS Tracker Smartwatches for elderly

Now that you are sure about purchasing the GPS tracker. Let us make you understand a few factors that are essential to keep in mind while choosing one such device without any hesitation:

  • The Type Of GPS Device

You can find different types of GPS trackers in the market. But you should choose one as per your requirements. For example, if your parents or loved one usually enjoy relaxing on their couches in front of a warm fireplace, then you may choose an at-home medical alert system. But if you want to provide flexibility and independence to them to go out, you can opt for wearable devices. They are flexible options that they can wear as a watch, bracelet, or necklace as per their choice.

  • What Are The Monthly Expenses?

Most GPS device vendors ask for a monthly charge to help you track your loved ones without any hassles. The expense is asked for mainly because they use cellular technology to mark the person’s location with the device and deliver it to the person with its application. There are a few devices that don’t ask for any charges. But they can lack some tracking abilities.

So you have to make sure that you opt for a device that offers low monthly subscription fees without compromising its capabilities.

  • What Are The Additional Features Of The Device?

Many GPS trackers in the market offer loads of additional features within a single device. For instance, the GPS smartwatches – have a bundle of advanced facilities. Some of the features include health metrics and other measurements.

A few primary features that one must look out for in the tracker are the SOS emergency buttons, audio monitoring aspect, and the two-way calling system.

  • What Are Their GPS Tracking Capabilities?

If you require a GPS tracker that can track across the country, you’ll want to go with a more costly, traditional GPS tracker. However, if you need to monitor a small distance, you can choose more basic and inexpensive gadgets available in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a GPS tracker smartwatch?

A GPS tracker smartwatch is a wearable device that combines the features of a smartwatch and a GPS tracker to help track the location of the wearer.

Why should I consider buying a GPS tracker smartwatch for an elderly person?

GPS tracker smartwatches can provide peace of mind for caregivers and family members of elderly individuals, as they can help track the location of the wearer in case of an emergency or if they become lost.

What features should I look for when choosing a GPS tracker smartwatch for an elderly person?

Some important features to consider include GPS tracking accuracy, battery life, ease of use, durability, and the ability to make emergency calls.

Can a GPS tracker smartwatch be used for people of all ages?

Yes, GPS tracker smartwatches can be used by people of all ages, but they are particularly useful for elderly individuals who may have mobility or memory issues.

Are GPS tracker smartwatches waterproof?

Some GPS tracker smartwatches are waterproof or water-resistant, but it’s important to check the specifications of each model before purchasing.

How accurate is the GPS tracking on a GPS tracker smartwatch?

GPS tracking accuracy can vary between models, but most GPS tracker smartwatches have a high level of accuracy when it comes to tracking the wearer’s location.

Can I track the location of a GPS tracker smartwatch using my smartphone?

Yes, many GPS tracker smartwatches can be paired with a smartphone app that allows caregivers or family members to track the wearer’s location in real-time.

Can I make calls with a GPS tracker smartwatch?

Some GPS tracker smartwatches have the ability to make emergency calls, but not all models have this feature. It’s important to check the specifications of each model before purchasing.

How long does the battery last on a GPS tracker smartwatch?

Battery life can vary between models, but most GPS tracker smartwatches have a battery life of at least a few days to a week, depending on usage.


GPS tracker smartwatches for the elderly are efficient ways to protect your old loved ones without hindering their daily lifestyle. They are lightweight and convenient wearables that can provide you peace of mind and freedom to the senior citizens to live their life fully.

If you have any questions, let us know in the comment section below. 

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