8 Best GPS Trackers For Pets in 2023

Best GPS Trackers For Pets

Losing your furry friend is a dreadful experience. According to a report, around 7.6 million animals forget their way back. Do you know why? Because these little creatures are energetic and love to roam around freely. But sometimes, they tend to go so far that they forget the way back.  Today, different kinds of pet … Read more

Teen Driving Laws In California – A Guide For Parents And Teens

Teen Driving Laws In California

  Teens are particularly vulnerable to traffic accidents, although collision fatalities incidence remains higher than in other age groups. 16-19-year-olds commit the most traffic violations. These violations cause collisions. This age group’s fatal crash rate per mile is three times that of 20-plus-year-olds. Teen drivers need the experience to assume adult responsibility. Teen driving rules … Read more

9 Best GPS Trackers For Hiking In 2023

5 Best GPS Trackers For Hiking

  Under the warm sunlight, with the wind gushing through your face, you can find real happiness in nature only. Hiking can be a great way to exercise and enjoy your vacation. However, before you take your first step, you should do little planning. Why? Do you know around 2,000 hikers get lost on the … Read more

Benefits Of GPS Tracking Devices For Your Family

Benefits of GPS tracking Devices

Almost everything is now made simpler by technology. It has undoubtedly made it more convenient by delivering us with a wide range of dependable and useful gadgets that we can use to benefit our families and friends. GPS tracker devices are among the best inventions.  If you are looking for the Benefits Of GPS Tracking … Read more

Child Abductions – How GPS Trackers Can Help Bring Your Kids Back To Safety?

Child Abductions - How GPS Trackers Can Help Bring Your Kids Back To Safety?

If there was a chart to depict the most vulnerable part of any society throughout all cultures and countries, children would be on the top. It is to be noted that the rate of child abduction in the United States is high. While there are variances in the quoted abduction figures, there is no denying … Read more

Geozilla GPS Tracker vs Family1st GPS Tracker: Which one to buy?

Geozilla GPS Tracker VS Family1st Portable GPS Tracker

Portable GPS trackers are small and compact GPS systems that you can use for multiple tracking purposes. You can find different GPS devices in the market for you.  In this article, we have compared two major portable GPS trackers on the market: Geozilla GPS Tracker vs Family1st GPS Tracker Portable GPS Trackers A portable GPS … Read more

Applications Of GPS Tracking – How Can You Use GPS Tracking Devices?

A Guide On GPS Devices

Since its introduction, Global Positioning System-GPS has become an integral part of our everyday lives and transformed it beyond imagination. The initial idea behind these trackers was to be used by the armed forces for accurately pointing out locations globally. The vision was transformed into a pathbreaking technology by the U.S Department of Defense (DOD) … Read more

Easy Ways To Remove A GPS Tracker From Your Vehicle

Easy Ways To Remove A GPS Tracker From Your Vehicle

GPS trackers are one of the few things that come to mind when we think about safety. Today, you can find several people utilizing this technology to ensure the safety of their loved ones and valuable assets.  But have you ever thought about hidden dangers associated with a GPS tracker? Some people misuse this technology … Read more

7 Best GPS Trackers For Luggage and Backpacks: Protect your belongings

Best GPS Trackers For Luggage and Backpacks

Do you know from January 2021 to June 2021, US airlines misplaced around 692,884 backpacks? If you lose your luggage during your vacation, what will you do? You cannot be with your luggage physically, but you can use the best GPS trackers for luggage and backpacks, as it will send you real-time alerts about your … Read more

10 Best Real-time GPS Trackers In 2023

Best Real-time GPS Tracker

  GPS trackers are powerful tools that help track your loved ones and assets. But you are missing the most notable benefit of a tracker if you are not using a real-time GPS tracker. Not all GPS trackers in the market support live tracking. Some trackers only keep you updated once or twice a day, … Read more